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Özge Enginöz graduated from the Department of Combined Arts under the Faculty of Art and Design at Yıldız Technical University in 2010, and during the same year she participated in the workshops run by Valentin Hertweck and Irene Paetzug in Germany, and was elected to take part in the “Lives and Works in Istanbul” project by Remo Salvadori. Her works were exhibited at two group exhibitions in 2009, at the Kunstverein Paradigma in Austria, and at Kunstuniversität Linz. After her solo exhibition “Catchword” at Edisyon, Istanbul in 2011, Enginöz participated in an artist residency at Borusan’s ArtCenter/Istanbul during 2012-2013. She opened her second solo exhibition “Not Quite As Though” at Mixer in Istanbul in 2013, followed by “For Restless Spirits” at Artnivo, and “LOOP? – turning world – fragments and questions” at Blok Art Space, Istanbul, both in 2016. In 2017 she participated in “The Book as Printed Space – Concept and Printed Work Bookmaking Workshop” run by Bernhard Cella at Arter, Istanbul. Enginöz, who has participated in a number of group exhibitions throughout her career, continues her work in Istanbul.


2010 Yıldız Technical University, The Art and Design Faculty, Art Department, Combined Arts,
Istanbul, Beşiktaş
Solo Exhibitions

2018 “Hasar Katsayısı / Damage Multiple” KRANK Art Gallery, Istanbul

2016 ‘’Loop’’-Turning world-Fragments and Questions,Blokartspace,Istanbul.
2016 ”For restless spirits…”,Artnivo,Istanbul
2013 ”Not Quite As Though”, Mixer, Istanbul.
2011 ”Catchword”, Edisyon, Istanbul.
Selected Group Exhibitions
2018 ‘’X’’. Endless Art Taksim.İstanbul.
2017 Printed’ 17 ‘’Multiplier effect’’Mixer.Istanbul.
2016 “How far am I from the city center?”Bring Your Art,Istanbul
2016 ‘’Stay with me ‘’, Universal Hospitality, Meet Factory and Futura Gallery, Prague
2016 ‘’Stay wit me’’, 21er Haus,Belvedere Museum,Vienna
2016 ”low pressure”Kare sanat, Istanbul
2016 ”Stay with me ”DE KIJKDOOS,Corridor project space,Amsterdam
2015 ”Reloeded”Zorlu PSM,Artnivo,Istanbul
2015 ”Hidden Playgrounds”Cityleaks Urban Art festival NEOLA Art Project, Cologne.
2015 ”Stay With Me”Weserburg museum,Bremen
2015”Fine Tuned and Multiple”Kuad,Istanbul.
2015 ”Stay With Me”Apartman project,Depo,Istanbul.
2015 ”Istanbul Rotary Art Competition Exhibition and Award,exhibition,Istanbul.
2015 “Cut With The Dada Kitchen Knife…” Kuad Gallery, Istanbul.
2015 “Popup Exhibition” InEnArt/Diyalog, KargArt, Istanbul. 2015 “Celebration & Memories” Artnivo, Lucca Art,
2015 ”Open Call Door”Nesrin Esirtgen Collection,Istanbul.
2014 ”Merz 3000 The Future is Collage”Plato Sanat,Istanbul
2014 ”Stay With Me”Apartment Project,Berlin
2014 ”Were Am I?”,Kare Sanat/Istanbul.
2014 ”Mamut Art Project”,Küçük Çiflik Park/Istanbul.
2014 ”Down Load”,Artnivo/Istanbul.
2013 “Discarded’’, Arayü, Sayı no: 2/Issue no:2, Hayaka Artı, Istanbul
2013 ”Untold Unwritten Fourth Show”, Borusan Art Center,Istanbul
2012 “What I Love: Third Show ” Borusan Music House, Istanbul
2012 “Istanbul Rotary Art Prize Exhibitions ”,Exhibition, Istanbul
2011 ”Update!”, Arayü, Sayı no: 1/Issue no:1 Hayaka Artı, Istanbul
2011 “Papergirl”, Milk Gallery, Istanbul
2010 ”Lives and Works in Istanbul”, Sanat Limanı, Istanbul
2009 Yenikapı Art Center,‘’Remo Salvadori, Living and Working in Istanbul 2010 European Capital of Culture
2009 ‘’24 Hour Open ‘’10th. year Exhibitions, Yıldız Technical University ,Istanbul
2009 “Inspring Istanbul”, Kunstuniversitat Linz, Linz
2009 Kunstverein Paradigma, Linz
Residency & Workshops
2017 Bernhard Cella, The Book as Printed Space – Concept and Printed Work Bookmaking Workshop,Istanbul

2011– Art Center / Istanbul (2 years)
2010 Remo Salvadori “Lives and Works in Istanbul”, Istanbul
2010 Irene Paetzug, Berlin/Germany
2010 Valentin Hertweck, Gitte Weise Gallery, Berlin/Germany
2009 Kunstuniversitat Linz, Inspring Istanbul, Linz/Austria
2007 Summer Art Academy Duzhdovnitsa village, Bulgaria


Photo Credit: Nazlı Erdemirel
Born in Ankara in 1985, she graduated from the Department of Graphic Design at Bilkent University in 2007. In 2010, she completed her master’s degree in Photographic Studies at Leiden University. She participated in the artist residency program of Borusan Art Center in 2010-12. The artist, also known for her translations, attended workshops and residencies, such as Middle Town: Picturing the Unspectacular (with the collaboration of GAPO and ISSP) and AiR Turkey-Scandinavia Connections (Tranas, Sweden). Some of the exhibitions she has recently participated in include “Habitat”, Istanbul Modern, 2015-16; “Greetings from Now On: Territories of Commitments”, BERLINARTPROJECTS, 2016; solo exhibition “Writing Remains”, Zilberman Projects, 2017; and “Tree, Simulacrum, Sea, Moon”, Borusan Contemporary, 2017. Beler lives and works in Istanbul.


2010 MA Photographic Studies, Leiden University, Netherlands
2007 BA Graphic Design, Bilkent University, Ankara, Turkey

Solo Exhibitions

“Beachcomber” Krank Art Gallery, Istanbul
“Writing Remains” Zilberman Projects, Istanbul

Selected Group Exhibitions

“Tree, Simulacrum, Sea, Moon”, Borusan Contemporary, Istanbul
“A Reflected Assertion”, Galeri Siyah Beyaz, Ankara
“Whose (Art) History?”, Uniq Gallery, Istanbul

“Greetings from Now On: Territories of Commitments” BERLINARTPROJECTS, Berlin
“Ffitchzine no. 1” Unexpected Territories, TUYAP Artist ’16, Istanbul
“Civilization and Its Discontents / Periferi Kolektif” iNS, Istanbul
“Habitat”, Istanbul Modern, Istanbul
“Amarcord” Tüyap, Istanbul
“Tutku/Desire”, Borusan Contemporary, Istanbul
“Dispossess!” Tüyap, Istanbul
“Howl / Periferi Kolektif” 44A Galeri, Istanbul
“Where Am I?” Kare Art Gallery, Istanbul
“The Feeling of Happiness” Homa Art Gallery, Tehran
“Dodir Svetova/Worlds Touching” KC Grad, Belgrade
“Fuck You Modernity” IO / Non Profit Space, Izmir
“Impudence of Good Intent” ArtSümer, Istanbul
“Young Fresh Different 3” CDA Projects, Istanbul
“Reality Terror/Periferi Kolektif” Depo, Mars ve Asfalt Kadiköy, Istanbul
“What I Love” Borusan Müzik Evi, Beyoglu, Istanbul

Workshops & Residencies

Gastatelier des Nordrhein-Westfalen
Residency by invitation of the city of Düsseldorf
Air Turkey – Scandinavia Connections, Tranås, Sweden
Middle Town: Picturing the Unspectacular
In collaboration with GAPO and ISSP
Borusan ArtCenter/Istanbul artist residency
Two-year artist residency at the Borusan ArtCenter building in Taksim, Istanbul
Workshop II Photographic Studies
Collaborative workshop mentored by Bas Vroege and Susan Meiselas

The materials used in Irmak Canevi’s work are, in his own words, “as unimportant as the artist.” On the other hand, what is important is the process of giving them form. Rendering materials to be ordinary in this way means everything can be used in the artistic practice. From this aspect, in the works of the artist we can read a “lyrical praise” about the way things come together. How and where one element is combined with another is an act that consolidates the holistic evaluation of this montage. This way of balancing the means and ends places an emphasis on the process and the craft, as opposed to the result –the work of art as the final product–and presents the work almost as a political stance.
2015 Rhode Island School of Design, Providence, RI, ABD
Güzel Sanatlar/Resim Yükseklisansı (MFA)
2008 Slade School of Fine Art, UCL, Londra, Birleşik Krallık
Güzel Sanatlar/Resim Lisansı (BA in Fine Arts)
2003 Parsons School of Design, New York, NY, ABD
Hızlandırılmış Çizim ve Resim Kursu
(1996 – 2003 Hukuk Kariyeri)
1996 NYU, Hukuk Fakültesi, New York, NY, ABD
Ticari Düzenlemeler Yükseklisansı (LLM in Trade Regulation)
1994 İstanbul Ünversitesi, Hukuk Fakültesi, İstanbul
Hukuk Lisansı
Solo Exhibitios
2010 “KIRILIM/refraction”, Apartman Projesi, İstanbul
Group Exhibitions
2017 “0 536 075 56 83”, KRANK Art Gallery, İstanbul
2017 “Gözlemlenir Gerçekler”, Mixer, İstanbul
2016 “Grid”, Mixer, İstanbul
2016 “Mamut Art Project”, Küçük Çiftlik Parkı, İstanbul
2015 “Sub-Scheme”, Western Exhibitions, Şikago, IL, ABD
2015 “RISD MFA Painting”, Kathryn Markel Fine Arts, New York, NY, ABD
2015 “New Contemporaries”, Gelman Gallery, RISD Müzesi, Providence, RI, ABD
2015 “Graduate Student Selections” (Yükseklisans Seçkileri), Sol Koffler Gallery, Providence, RI, ABD
2015 “RISD Graduate Thesis Exhibition” (RISD Yükseklisans Mezuniyet Sergisi), RI Convention Center, Providence, RI, ABD
2014 “UFO Hunters”, Sol Koffler Gallery, Providence, RI, ABD
2014 “Not Tight”, Memorial Hall Gallery, Providence, RI, ABD
2014 “The Chicago Effect: Redefining The Middle”, Hyde Park Art Center, Şikago, IL, ABD
2014 “The Rainbow Room”, 111 Front Street Galleries, New York, NY, ABD
2014 “Hosue of Bonds”, Paper Objects Festival (Kağıttan Objeler Festivali), Kanciema Kvartala, Riga, Letonya, ABD
2014 RISD MFA Painting 2014/2015, 1stdibs at NYDC, New York, NY, ABD
2014 RISD Yükseklisans Resim Bölümü Birinci Sınıf Öğrencileri Cutlog New York Sanat Fuarı’nda, New York, NY, ABD
2013 Resim Bölümü Bienali, Woods-Gerry Gallery, RISD, Providence, RI, ABD
2013 “Art Barter”, 5533, İMÇ, İstanbul
2012 “Karma Sergi”, Hayaka Artı, İstanbul
2011 “Göz Göze”, Sabuncakis Konağı, Büyükada, İstanbul
2011 Istanbul Yaz Sergisi”, Beyaz Müzayede ve Kraliyet Akademisi işbirliğiyle, Antrepo 5, İstanbul
2010 “NON addresistanbul’u ziyaret ediyor”, addresistanbul, İstanbul
2010 “PAINT”, DegreeArt/HRL Contemporary, Londra, Birleşik Krallık
2010 “Serbest Düşüş”, Apartman Projesi, İstanbul
2008 “Slade BA Degree Show ’08” (Slade Lisans Mezuniyet Sergisi), The Slade School of Fine Art, Londra, Birleşik Krallık
2008 “.ism”, gallery12, Londra, Birleşik Krallık
2007 “Sınırlar ve Yörüngeler/02″, Siemens Sanat, İstanbul
2007 “Creating Outside” – “Hatach (a cut)” (Dışarıda Üretmek), Art for Community (Topluluk için Sanat), Tel Aviv, İsrail
2007 “STRIPPED”, Rivington Gallery, Londra, Birleşik Krallık
Awards & Scholarships
2014 Rhode Island School of Design bursu
2013 Rhode Island School of Design bursu
2011 Vermont Studio Center, tam burs
2008 Monnington Ödülü (University College London)
2007 “Sınırlar ve Yörüngeler/02” sergisine kabul (İstanbul)
2011 “Göz Göze” / konuk sanatçı programı, Büyükada, İstanbul
2010 Vermont Studio Center, Johnson, Vermont, ABD (tam burs)
Born in 1973 in Canada, after graduating from the Department of Painting at Marmara University Faculty of Fine Arts she completed her master’s degree and doctorate at Marmara University Institute of Fine Arts. She is currently an associate professor and lecturer at the Department of Painting at Marmara University.
Her solo exhibitions include “Nonsynchronous” at Maçka Art Gallery in 2013, “Animal Which We Become” exhibition curated by Ali Akay at Açık Ekran in 2012, as well as exhibitions at Room Gallery in Rotterdam and at Apartment Project.The exhibition “Stay With Me” that was presented at Apartment Project Berlin and at Depo (formerly a tobacco warehouse) in 2015, “Re-Degeneration” at Sanatorium, “Chaotic Metamorphosis” at Proje 4L, the “Transfer” exhibitions at santralistanbul and at Münster, Aachen and Bochum in Germany, and the exhibition “Buradan Çok Uzakta: Bir Kamusal Alan Projesi” realised at Haydarpaşa and Ankara Train Stations are among the group exhibitions she participated in. Between 1999 and 2006, she also participated in various group exhibitions in Korea, Kazakhstan, Chile, France, Turkey, Kosovo, New Zealand, Bulgaria and Germany.

Güneş Terkol takes inspiration from her immediate surroundings, collecting materials and stories, which she weaves into her sewing pieces, videos, sketches and musical compositions. The protagonists of her narratives, humorously represented by Terkol in her work, are usually women adapting or refusing to adapt to the social and cultural transformations that affect contemporary Turkey. The act of sewing and using recycled fabrics becomes, in itself, an act of resistance which claims back a form of independent production and widens access to contemporary art. She also member of HaZaVuZu artist collective and GuGuOu group keeps working.

Güneş Terkol, born 1981, is a Turkish artist based in Istanbul. She graduated from Mimar Sinan University, Fine Art Faculty, Painting Department. She completed her master’s degree in Yildiz Teknik University Interdisciplinary Art Department.

“Selected solo exhibitions include Holographic Recording at Gallery NON in Istanbul (2014) and Dreams On The River at OrganHaus in Chongqing (2010).  Selected group shows include the 2016 “ Live Uncertainty”, 53 nd Bienal de Sao Paulo, 2015 “Passion, Joy, Fury”, MAXXI,Rome 2015 Stay10th Gwangju Biennale in Korea (2014), Better Homes at the Sculpture Center in New York (2013), Signs Taken in Wonder at MAK in Vienna (2012) and Dream and Reality at Istanbul Modern (2011). Terkol has attended the residency programs at ISCP New York, 2013; OrganHaus, Chongqing, 2011 and Gasworks, London, 2010.


Born in 1961, in Trbovlje, Slovenia, the artist lives and works in Ljubljana, Slovenia. He is one of the founders and a member of the IRWIN Group, established in 1983. The initiative founded in Ljubljana (Slovenia) was instrumental in the establishment of the design department “Novi Kolektivizem” and the artists collective “Neue Slowenische Kunst (NSK)” in Yugoslavia. After establishing a specific visual language in its predominantly pictorial projects in the 1980s, IRWIN focused on a critical comparative review between the art history of “Western Modernism”, and the “retro-avant-garde” of “Eastern Modernism” in the 90s.

Since 2015, Radenko Milak and Roman Uranjek have been exhibiting the works of their DATES partnership at venues such as Duplex100m2 in Sarajevo, Museum of Contemporary Art in Zagreb, Galerija Matica Srpske in Novi Sad, and the Cankarjev dom in Ljubljana.

roman uranjek

Born in 1980, in Travnik, Yugoslavia, the artist lives and works in Bosnia and Herzegovina. He had participated in more than 30 solo and group exhibition projects in various countries, including Germany, Switzerland, Slovenia, France, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Austria. His installation consisting of 33 watercolour paintings, titled “So close and yet so far” was shown at the 4th Çanakkale Biennial in 2014.

Having his works in major collections in Germany, France and Bosnia and Herzegovina, Milak was also the director of the Center for Visual Communication Protok in Bosnia and Herzegovina and the International Biennial SpaPort. He currently has ongoing exhibitions at the Boghossian Foundation in Brussels; Kunsthalle Darmstadt; and the Bucharest National Museum of Contemporary Art (MNAC).

radenko milak

Born in Sao Paulo in 1977, the Brazilian artist has been living in Istanbul for 13 years and continues working on plants through drawings, videos, photography, performances and installations.

In 2015-2016 she has realized the site-specific installation “Sefatoryum” at Istanbul Modern, in the exhibition “Till It’s Gone” curated by Çelenk Bafra and Paolo Colombo. In her proposition of the concept of a new man-made environment the artist was both blessing nature in a neo-pagan way and creating a playground that aims to evoke the feeling of being together with nature and the pleasure of being in a garden.

In spring 2014, she rented an abandoned florist shop at Sigorta Pasajı, the only building in Cihangir that has not undergone urban transformation, and realized her “FloriKültür” project here. By juxtaposing living plants with drawings, images and self-cultivated plants and seeds she transformed this abandoned place into a “wonderland”. The addition of sounds of life from the city of Istanbul into the installation brought another dimension to this multi-layered work.

In addition to these exhibitions, she participated in the 10th Istanbul Biennial with “Nightcomers” and in the 3rd Tirana Biennial with “Catching up”, a project realized in collaboration with Hüseyin Bahri Alptekin.

Screen Shot 2016-05-20 at 18.08.45

Russian artist Vadim Fishkin was born in 1965 and lived in Moscow until 1996 when he moved to Ljubjana, Slovenia.  He always tries to explore the relationship between science and arts with his interactive installations incorporating photographs, audio elements and light projections.  The artist challenges the laws of physics with the electronic and illuminated objects he creates and he reflects the complex technology applied by puzzling all senses to the poetic character of his style in his installations using sound, air and light.

He draws attention with the high number of solo exhibitions and group exhibitions he participated in cities such as Moscow, Paris, Rome and Berlin among which 1995, 2003 and 2005 Venice Biennials and the 9th Shanghai Biennial are the most remarkable ones. Following his solo exhibitions in many cities of Europe and his participation in Venice and Shanghai biennials, Fishkin participated in Manifesta 10 Biennial organized St. Petersburg in the lead of Chief Curator Kasper Konig that has always been subject to debates due to his critical approach about the crisis between Russia and Ukraine.

The artist’s works are given place in the collections of many important organizations such as Russian State Museum St. Petersburg and Incom Bank.