Krank Art Gallery | GÜNEŞ TERKOL “A WHISTLE THROUGH THE WORLD: HEY, WAIT!” Exhibition December 15 – February 18
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GÜNEŞ TERKOL “A WHISTLE THROUGH THE WORLD: HEY, WAIT!” Exhibition December 15 – February 18

In a new exhibition titled “A LIGHT THROUGH THE WORLD: HEY, WAIT!”, curated by Ali Akay, KRANK Art Gallery hosts the accomplished young artist Güneş Terkol, currently continuing her work in Paris at the Cité des Arts. Her delicate and translucent works almost place us in “a world of fairy tales,” adopting an attitude that is evanescent like fairy tales on the one hand and quite convincing on the other, and this time inviting the viewer into an enigmatic puzzle unfolding in a world of magic.

Producing works about the relationships between gender identities through the use of sewing, video, drawings and sound; the artist believes that work is a relationship involving waste, contradictions and relations. In her works she pursues signs, stories, words and dreams that motivate her and that she finds harmonious, to create new narratives out of them. So in starting a new work, she studies the notes and drawings in her old notebooks, and the fabrics and photographs she collects.

The artist’s work is shaped by the social conditions in which she lives, the images she encounters, her personal history and the materials she finds. The artist, looking for means of expression beyond the act of painting, uses pieces of fabric she collects to this end. Instead of heavy, unwieldly and expensive materials, she prefers to use economical, casual, easy-to-carry and unfettering tools in her artistic practice.

She creates figures belonging to an ambiguous time and space through the use of black contours produced by stitching and colouring the fabric directly, and with these figures hollowed out from content –sometimes rendered as human figures in an animal-like form– she presents stories with no definite beginning or end. When the figures, people and objects that Terkol represents in an abstract fashion are combined with the ‘reality’ of the fabric and the situations we are accustomed to seeing that fabric in, the works of the artist render the objects we think we recognize alien. This alienation is further reinforced by another tension emerging from the technique of sewing on fabric, between the images and the visual form through which the images are represented. The use of sewing –an act associated with women– as a means to create fictional images, and the unconventional utilisation of fabric –considered decorative and ‘feminine’– suggests that the artist is questioning her gender and her relationship with where her gender is placed in society.


Just like in fairy tales, the works of art appear to be part of a world of emotion where winds blow, rain falls, lightnings strike, jinn and fairies fly about, or they crawl the ground like serpents. The jinn, as beings that are not living but alive, which at times become visible and sometimes disappear due to the dialectical relations between darkness and light, are separated into male and female jinn in Güneş Terkol’s world of fairy tales. One thing we should not fail to notice is the fact that the place where these stories and fairy tales carry us and form a knot, again appears to bear the hallmark of a question of morality. The stories in Güneş Terkol’s works seem to be embroidered as part of our world. The abstracted figures, each visible and so very figurative, appear in front of us and lure us into looking at them. They are attractive and have a charming ephemerality and strangeness about their physical materials. Although it looks like there is no place for fairy tales in this city transformed by the system of capital, there will always be a place for Dünya in the world of art. Besides, isn’t that the real power of art? The power to bring together dream and reality!

About Güneş Terkol

Güneş Terkol takes inspiration from her immediate surroundings, collecting materials and stories, which she weaves into her sewing pieces, videos, sketches and musical compositions. The protagonists of her narratives, humorously represented by Terkol in her work, are usually women adapting or refusing to adapt to the social and cultural transformations that affect contemporary Turkey. The act of sewing and using recycled fabrics becomes, in itself, an act of resistance which claims back a form of independent production and widens access to contemporary art. She also member of HaZaVuZu artist collective and GuGuOu group keeps working.

Güneş Terkol, born 1981, is a Turkish artist based in Istanbul. She graduated from Mimar Sinan University, Fine Art Faculty, Painting Department. She completed her master’s degree in Yildiz Teknik University Interdisciplinary Art Department.

Selected solo exhibitions include Holographic Recording at Gallery NON in Istanbul (2014) and Dreams On The River at OrganHaus in Chongqing (2010).  Selected group shows include the 2016 “ Live Uncertainty”, 53 nd Bienal de Sao Paulo, 2015 “Passion, Joy, Fury”, MAXXI,Rome 2015 Stay10th Gwangju Biennale in Korea (2014), Better Homes at the Sculpture Center in New York (2013), Signs Taken in Wonder at MAK in Vienna (2012) and Dream and Reality at Istanbul Modern (2011).
Terkol has attended the residency programs at ISCP New York, 2013; OrganHaus, Chongqing, 2011 and Gasworks, London, 2010.

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